Terms and conditions of online bookings

1. Area of applications
These terms and conditions apply for all guest accommodation contracts, which are closed between Night&Day Urban, operating company of ND-stattHotel.de, and other parties (guest). These conditions are publicised inside the hotel. This fact alone makes the conditions aware to all costumers, to hiring contract parties, as well as other parties.

2. Reservations
Booking a room constitutes a binding agreement for both contracting parties. We reserve the right to let the room(s) to other guests after the end of your reservation period. The reservation for booked rooms, which have not been paid for, is valid until 6pm on the day of arrival. Guests do not have the right to claim the accommodation service in a certain room. Booking options can not be carried out when booking online. They are only possible via phone or in private arrangements at the hotel.

3. Prepayment of overnight stay
The price for the accommodation service has to be paid in advance, upon arrival at the latest.

4. Means of payment
We accept payment in cash (euros), with cash card, or by cheque. If nothing else has been agreed on, a down payment is not expected.
The cost of your overnight stay and potential other costs have to be paid upon arrival in cash, by cheque, or by cash card in the hotel.
If a down payment has been agreed upon, you will pay the deposit upon arrival, and the rest when leaving the accommodation in cash, by cheque, or by cash card in the hotel.

Unfortunately, other means of payment are not possible.

5. Cancellations
Cancellations have to be submitted in written form and are free of charge up to 22 days before arrival. In this case, we will refund possible down payments immediately.
If you cancel less than 22 days before the arranged arrival date, the following cancellation fees become due:
21 – 8 days before arrival date: 20 % of the price agreed upon
7 – 1 day(s) before arrival date: 80 % of the price agreed upon
After that: 100 % of the price agreed upon
Of course, it is your right to provide proof that no damage has occurred, or that any damage that has occurred is considerably smaller than the cancellation fee claimed.

6. Arrival
If not stated otherwise, you can use the reserved room from 4pm on the arrival day. We would like to ask you, however, to inform us in advance about your estimated arrival time. Thereby, we want to reduce delays for our guests and ourselves at the arrival.

7. Use of the room
Please note that only the persons or animals that are stated in the contract are allowed to stay in the room. We will not accommodate other people/animals, or more people/animals than agreed on in the contract (c.f. 9.).

8. Smoking
If not agreed upon otherwise, smoking is prohibited inside rooms in consideration of future guests.

9. Changes to the booking
If you want to change the people/animals or the number of people/animals to be accommodated, please let us know ASAP.

10. Exclusion of letting day use rooms
We do not let our rooms for day use.

11. Departure
If not arranged otherwise, guests have to leave the accommodation before 11am at the latest on their departure day.
The rooms are in a clean state when handed over to you. Please leave the room in the same state as it was on your arrival.

12. Shortcomings concerning the room(s)
Please let us know immediately about any shortcomings concerning the rented room(s). If there are any shortcomings, you can call on the statutory rights.

13. Cancellations
Night&Day has the right to cancel the contract with immediate effect, as well as to demand the immediate clearing and delivery of the room if guests do infringe upon the incumbent duty of care.
This is particularly the case if you
-    damage the rented room(s) and/or
-    severely disregard our rules of conduct and continue to disregard the rules even after a warning

14. Liability risks for items brought in by guests
Items or materials, which are left in commonly accessible rooms of the hotel, in technical facilities, or in the hotel kiosk do not count as brought in, if they have not explicitly been taken into custody by someone entitled to do so.
Vehicles, and any items left in them, as well as animals, do not count as brought in either. Stocks, treasuries, and other valuables have to be deposited at the reception. For this purpose, guests have to close a deposit contract with an authorized person. The liability for valuables is limited to up to 750 euros. Liability for items and materials inside rooms, furthermore, only holds for those things, that were brought in by persons who are authorized by the accommodation contract. Here, the liability is limited to up to 3,000 euros. Any liability is excluded if the guest, a companion of the guest, or a person that the guest has accommodated, or force of nature, has caused the loss, the destruction, or the damage.

15. Additional agreement / requirement of written form
To be valid, changes or additional agreements need to be submitted in written form. The same holds for the abdication of the requirement of the written form.

16. Court of jurisdiction
If you are a business person a legal person under public law, or a special fund under public law, if you do not have a place of general jurisdiction in Germany, or if you displace you residence or common habitation abroad, or if your residence or common habitation is not known, Stuttgart will be declared as court of jurisdiction.